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Our Impact Stories highlight the power of partnerships, the challenges and successes, and how fruitful partnerships can be developed, fostered and scaled-up. The Impact Stories come from the real-life experiences and perspectives of partnership practitioners and experts in the form of written opinion pieces and video interviews.

Ignacio Packer


The greatest problems we are facing may ultimately really depend on our capacity to partner, our capacity to cooperate. Our ability to partner is the most strategic capability.

Alessandro Fedele


The obstacles preventing collaboration across sectors are: confusing partnerships with commercial relationships; disagreement over intellectual property; reputation risks and internal culture mismatch

Oisin Walton

Vodafone Foundation

The basic principles of a successful partnership are: having a common objective; being needs based and impact driven and combining partners strengths

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Moody autumn day in the Dolomites forest and mountains

New realities in the shifting sphere of partnerships

The Covid-19 pandemic, and the COVAX Facility have highlighted the increasing need for effective, sustainable partnerships. We have all become more familiar with new communication and collaboration platforms, but they are only a first step towards breaking down distance and misinterpretations. And they don’t guarantee the sovereignty of vulnerable communities, or the high principle of “localisation”…


Guest Contribution by Tom Zamzow  Our featured guest writer for June’s newsletter is Tom Zamzow. With academic roots in sustainable coastal zones and international affairs,

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